Exordium is the Unification of Design and Process

Concept through Production Optimization, Specializing in the Design, Development and Processing of Plastic Bottles, Preforms, Glass Bottles and Aluminum Cans

ex•or•di•um | eg-ˈzȯr-dē-əm

a beginning or introduction

en·​gi·​neer·​ing | ˌen-jə-ˈnir-iŋ

the design and manufacture
of complex product

Packaging Design and
Bottle Processing

Exordium is a great beginning and an ongoing solution to existing manufacturing problems or periodic defects. We are experts in discovering ways to optimize your package and your process.

Exordium is the unification of package design and bottle processing. By combining our expert teams, we create improved quality, shorter development timeframes, and lower package costs for all our clients. The synergy these two disciplines provide our clients is enormous.


Exordium Design is a Beginning

Packaging Design Services

Conceptual Design
Photo Realistic Rendering
Rapid Prototype Models
Preforms Design
Bottle Design
Closure Design
Light Weighting Studies

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

2D Drawings Specifications
Quality Specifications

Specification Services

Preform Mold Flow
Blow Mold Simulation
Wall Thickness Distribution
Drop Impact Study
Line Pressure Analysis
Palletizing Studies
Pack Patterns
Pack Loading

Predictive Performance
Data Package

for Quality Assurance

Product Launch

Tooling acquisition support
Downstream equipment support


Exordium Process is an Ongoing Solution

Bottle Processing, Recipe Creation
and Process Optimization

Injection and Blow Molding

Preform and Bottle Manufacturing
Injection and Blow Molder Set-up
Optimization and documentation
of the Recipes for Repeatability

Preform and Bottle Design
Combination Evaluations

Bottle performance is dependent on
Preform design and consistency

Utilities Consumption
and Optimization

Data collection and analysis of
energy and air consumption

Production Line Efficiencies

Optimum Machine Speeds
Line layout and performance analysis
Quarterly checks for process
drift and reset


Third Party Certification of Compliance


Blow and/or Injection Molding
Recipe Optimization
Quality Assurance

Exordium’s Quality Acceleration Loop for Optimal Performance

Package Design & Development

FEA Design Analysis

Solid Modeling



Design Specification

Unit Cavity

Unit Tooling

Bottle Processing & Performance Testing

QA Qualification Data Pack

Line Qualification

Bottle Process Qualification

Preform Process Qualification

Pilot Lab QA Data Pack

Mold Design/Scaling

Initial Specification

Unit Qualification

We Can Help You With:


PCR Content

Optimizing Air and Energy
Ensuring Correct Bottle Size
Eliminating Corrugate
Quality Certification

Creating a Repeatable Process

Together or Independently

Exordium serves clients on an end-to-end or a la carte basis. We pride ourselves on the ability to remain independent in the collection of empirical data as well as our recommendations for optimization.


Blow Molding and
Injection Molding



Establish SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)


Energy Reduction

Air Reduction

Identify Opportunities for Light Weighting


Establish SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Data Collection


SPC (Statistical Process Control)

Meet the Leadership

With decades of experience in packaging design and bottle processing, Randy Brown, Matthew Brooker, and their teams, can take your idea from concept through production optimization.

Randy Brown

Product Design

Randy Brown is a package designer and innovative visionary with 37 years of experience creating solutions for the world’s best brands across multiple substrates, processes, and applications. His comprehensive knowledge of material capabilities and their performance attributes enables the creation of unique solutions and perspectives on the continuously evolving demands faced by consumer products companies. Well-versed in PP, PE, HDPE, PET, rPET, aluminum, and glass for containers, Randy also designs closures, fitments, and dispensers as part of a solution set.

Randy brings a deep understanding of container production, mold design, and filling processes into every solution. His ability to apply cutting-edge technology using 2D, 3D and simulation technology brings solutions to life in a fraction of the time needed for traditional package development. His mastery of quality principles and design specification protocols guarantees that expectations and tolerances can be clearly communicated throughout the supply chain. Prior to founding Exordium, Randy held positions of increasing authority and technical competence for iconic companies including Johnson Controls, Schmalbach-Lubeca, Amcor Packaging, and The Coca-Cola Company.

Matthew Brooker

Bottle Processing

Matthew Brooker has 30 years of experience processing containers on the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing platforms. An acknowledged industry expert in recipe development, machine optimization, and troubleshooting, he has helped the “A” list of liquid packaging companies overcome real-world production floor challenges. Matthew is intimate with the operation and function of high-speed equipment from all major blow mold manufacturers and is highly proficient in establishing machine setup, recipes, and optimization for any plastic container.

Whether your package is CSD, hot-fill, aseptic, or multi-layer, Matthew understands how to make it right. As market demands change, the standards for PCR content, air optimization, and overall process excellence place a burden on plant operators in every application. Matthew and the Exordium Process Excellence team work with producers to solve problems, avoid problems, and improve the economics and efficiency of bottle making. Whether qualifying on the line or in the lab, Matthew delivers practical results. Available for virtual or on-site consultation, his Process Excellence team is an indispensable asset to any operation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We were looking for an independent container designer and processing engineers when we found Exordium. We were happy to find a partnership of both disciplines, with industry experts leading each department. Exordium is now a member of our family. We count on them to provide preform and bottle design and help our clients with bottle processing. We’ve seen impressive turnarounds and our clients have all been thankful for their expertise.”

Greg Kershner

President, InterTech

“Matt Brooker quickly became our go-to-person in PET blow molding process, the SME that we count on getting challenging conversions and projects done. His strong technical competences and good interpersonal skills have made him a valued team member to work with. We look forward to broadening our capabilities with the support of Exordium Engineering and Matt.”

Sabri Kundakcioglu

Vice President of Engineering, Pepsi Bottling Ventures

“Exordium has become a full spectrum provider of design, quality and processing services for BottleOne. Their ability to integrate anticipated in-plant performance to the early stages of concept and design is unlike anything I have experienced. There is no one out there who has the breadth and depth of expertise that I access through Exordium on a regular basis.“

Bill Duelge

Chief Technology Officer, BottleOne

“Exordium is a reliable and dependable company. They deliver a high quality product ontime or early, and are very flexible allowing them to meet our ever-changing needs.”

Sterling Lane Steward

Retired, Coca-Cola