Bottle Processing

The Exordium Process Excellence team is responsible for production sampling of new designs, optimization of existing container processes, energy and high-pressure air reduction, and validation of design simulations.

Our clients often wish to create production samples of new designs for brand evaluations, line trials, or consumer panels. Our Process Excellence team can perform unit or multi-cavity sampling to produce containers as needed.

In many cases, producers have run the same container, or a family of containers, for an extended period of time. Process drift, changes in material composition or preform supplier, and blow molder maturation can occur incrementally and add up to measurable waste and loss.

Our Process Excellence team can optimize existing container manufacturing, paying close attention to uptime, scrap reduction, high pressure air usage, and process discipline to bring meaningful cost savings and productivity.

Computer-based simulations are excellent tools to establish expected container performance, but bottle quality is still measured by what comes off the production line. The ability to match design expectations to machine processes is an opportunity to insure anticipated results are realistic and simulations can be trusted. This process assures that any differences between design expectations and actual performance can be reconciled. Being independent, without any ties to OEMs or converters, we are able to provide you the flexibility and knowledge to create a repeatable, stable, and open process window for your blow mold process. We take a one-on-one approach with each of our clients. Whenever you need help, we have backup available. We also offer phone support to troubleshoot any issues.

Optimal Performance

Exordium will perform an independent specification review and certification on containers for qualification. From a dozen bottles to hundreds, our technicians will perform compliance specification testing and format data for easy consumption. As a third party, we are able to qualify the bottles so your needs are met and documented. Every time a dimension is changed, a new resin is used or a recipe is modified. Bottle Qualification Certifications are required by most CPGs.

Base Clearance Mold Analysis

Shoulder Weight Mold Analysis

Volume Mold Analysis

Expansion at 13s Mold Analysis

Height Mold Analysis

Diameter Mold Analysis

Panel Weight Mold Analysis

Base Weight Mold Analysis

Burst Pressure Mold Analysis

Topload Mold Analysis

Length Mold Analysis

Width Mold Analysis

Packaging Qualification

Validating Your Designs to Perform Optimally
Whether you are qualifying products for a new line or converting an existing one, we can validate your design from top to bottom, performing a series of holistic tests to ensure it is ergonomic, strong, efficient and in-line with consumer expectations.
Dimensional, mechanical and barrier tests
Wall or material thickness and weight, overflow and brim-fill point, and shelf life assessments
Compression, drop impact and other stress testing
O2 permeability and CO2 loss analyses

Packaging Optimization

Even the smallest design alterations or a more effective use of resources can have a big impact on your environmental footprint, as well as your total cost of ownership (TCO). Whether it’s moving toward 100% recycled PET content, or light-weighting bottles and caps, these options can lead to substantial benefits – without compromising bottle quality.
Our capabilities include:
Developing your package and process for 100% PET recycled content (rPET)
Optimizing the weight of your package while maintaining top load
Finite element analysis (FEA) and quality testing
Top load, fill-point, drop, lateral gripping, hydrostatic pressure and vacuum, denting, and gas pressure analyses
Reducing costs while still assuring an attractive design
Product quality protection throughout the supply chain
Increased customer attention and satisfaction
Energy savings during production
Optimum line performance

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