Packaging Design

It’s very important to get the details correct, to understand why we are doing this design. Who is your target market? What is your marketing brand intent? What are your supply chain conditions? We begin with a deep dive into your product goals before we begin.

3D Modeling
Photo Rendering
Rapid Prototyping

Our capabilities include:


Conceptual Design

Bottle drawings and digital mock-ups


Technical Design

Optimization of all aspects of the bottle and/or bottle and preform combination


3D printed physical models

Design Ownership

Exordium is independent, without any ties to OEMs or converters. You own all of the intellectual property associated with your container. This provides flexibility to compare equipment or hire a supplier that best suits your needs.

This is unlike the development work done by either converters or OEMs. They develop and own the bottle design and sell either the bottles or the machine. This locks you into working with them until you are ready to redesign your container. When you work with them, your intellectual property is owned by the converter or OEM.

Exordium is an independent third-party. We will complete your project, and turn the design over to you.

Quality Specifications

Using design specifications and simulation data, we can establish a preliminary set of quality specifications. These specifications can inform bottle processing recipes and container performance criteria. Correlation of design data and actual performance continuously provides a more accurate simulation basis for subsequent design development.

Our pre-data pack includes: preform specifications, bottle specifications, expected performance characteristics and simulations. All of the quality specifications are modeled. Along with you, we will be ready to take the model to the OEMs, create molds and move into production.

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